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Nepali movies can be seen in the hall in the decade?


Rabindra Dhungel, 1 october 2020. The Dashain-Tihar season is considered to be the best time to screen Nepali films. But this time, due to the Corona epidemic, neither the hall owners are saying ‘bring the movie, I will show it’, nor the filmmaker is saying ‘open the hall, I will give the movie’. Why is this sluggishness even in the context of the general public making up their minds to live with Corona? The Film Development Board has moved to break this sluggishness. In order to move forward the Nepali film sector, which has been stalled for seven months due to the Corona epidemic, the board will provide everything from printing to encoding. According to the chairman of the board, Dayaram Dahal, the board is going to help in reviving the film sector which has come to a standstill due to the Corona epidemic. According to him, the board will facilitate the printing of posters and stickers of Nepali films to be screened for the next six months, from VVPC and encoding.













The area has been closed for seven months due to Corona. The board will play a role in making the film industry move by encouraging the release of films in this monstrous time. For this, the board will play a coordinating role with the organization concerned to print publicity design and do VVPC and encoding. Otherwise, it will help at its own expense, ”Dahal told Nepal Samacharpatra.






They are positive to create an environment for opening halls soon. But even if the hall is open, it is important to convince the audience that it is safe to come into the hall. The board has moved forward to help. But such support will be for the first six months. ‘ Apart from this, the board will also help in the promotion of the upcoming film, Dahal said. ‘It takes a few weeks of publicity to run a movie. For that, the board has made an arrangement to promote the film in the government media with a 50 percent discount. Movies advertising on Nepal Television will get 50 percent discount. Radio Nepal and Gorkhapatra are also talking. Apart from this, there is talk on other private televisions as well, ”said Dahal.









Aakash Adhikari, president of the Nepal Film Producers Association, said that the board’s support would play an important role in reviving the film industry affected by the Corona epidemic. Adhikari also expressed hope that the hall would be open for decades as the CCMC board has responded positively to open cinemas and filming. However, he said that his association has demanded for such facilities as the audience is less likely to come with the opening of the hall. “Even if the hall is open, the audience is unlikely to come.” So such a facility is necessary. The producer does not have to give the film as soon as it is opened.






Once the audience leaves the hall, they do not return. Therefore, we believe that such a facility will play a role in making the film sector run smoothly, ”said the official. Salon and gymkhana businessmen along with film businessmen have demanded the CCMC to open the area by following the health standards. Although CCMC has given a positive answer to that, no concrete answer has been given yet.





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