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NEA has started the process of determining the frequency for FiveG


Rabindra Dhungel, 21 september 2020. Nepal Telecom Authority has started the process of determining the frequency for FiveG. Through the study report of the Frequency Roadmap, the regulator has started preparing policy arrangements for the introduction of FiveG technology. The report will suggest to the NEA which frequency is suitable for using FiveG.



Not only that, the report will also provide uniformity in the discrepancies seen in the pricing of frequencies. There are currently three levels of frequency. One is the price to be paid from the auction, the other is the minimum price and the other is the price to be paid based on the income of the service provider.



NEA chairperson Purushottam Khanal says, “In this case, the service providers who do not earn any income are paying two to three hundred rupees a year for the frequency.” Frequency is the property of the country. We should not allow the country’s property to be usurped.




If you do not make a profit, you can close the company. However, they are trying to bring uniformity in prices to end the system of grabbing the frequency by paying two to three hundred rupees. ‘



The frequency roadmap is in the final stage. The roadmap will suggest how to work to bring uniformity in prices. NEA has stated that legal and policy amendments will be taken forward on the basis of the said suggestions. The report will also study the global environment and make suggestions on which of the available frequencies in Nepal will be distributed through Axon from time to time.



The report will also include suggestions on which frequencies should be used for which technology and how and for which technology the frequency determined by the International Telecommunication Union is suitable for Nepal.



Chairman Khanal said that the roadmap would also include the issue of determining the frequency for FiveG and the number of service providers that can operate in Nepal according to the frequency available.




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