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Here are main things to know when consuming turmeric


Rabindra Dhungel, 21 september 2020. Scientific studies have also shown that turmeric, which is used daily in our kitchen, has medicinal properties. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has repeatedly suggested that turmeric should be consumed to strengthen the body’s immune system during the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.



However, experts point out that excessive consumption of turmeric and the use of turmeric mixed in the market can do more harm than good to the body. They say they need to know how much turmeric they eat according to their body weight. He said that the general public should be aware of the quality of the indispensable ‘spice’ of Nepali cuisine.




Government guidelines on coronavirus prevention and management through Ayurveda and alternative medicine also recommend the use of turmeric in food on a daily basis. The guideline states that turmeric destroys toxins in the body.



According to the statistics of the customs department, the import of turmeric has increased in Nepal recently, which is directly related to the consumption of sorghum.



What happens if you consume too much?
But experts say that the use of turmeric without sufficient knowledge can lead to a variety of problems. Also interested in Ayurveda, Dr. Tribhuvan University, Department of Pharmacology, Associate Professor.



Sammod Acharya says that even though turmeric has been consumed in different parts of South Asia, including most parts of Nepal, for thousands of years, its arbitrary use can be very deadly.



There is no scientific evidence to suggest that turmeric kills or prevents coronavirus infection. ‘When you have a cold, it is not a problem to keep it in turmeric water for a day or two. But if you drink a lot of turmeric uncontrollably, it cannot be said that it works well, ‘he said. He says that there is a risk of various complex diseases including cancer due to the mixed turmeric available in the market.



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