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[Khaptad, a piece of heaven]

Kailali, Achham, Bajhang, Bajura and Doti districts of the beautiful far west belong to Kailali Terai while the remaining four are hilly districts. Khaptad is located in the central part of these four districts. Far-westerners have taken it as their heart and considered it their dignity, honor and pride. Every year on the tenth day of June, a big fair is held here. In Doti district, it is customary to cook and eat ten bulk vegetables on this day. Due to the extreme heat of June, people are looking for a place to stay cool, cool and cool.
Those who want to relax their tired body for a few days while working have saved their precious time for khaptad. The people here celebrate this festival with joy. Forgetting their sorrows, they go to Khaptad, a quiet and picturesque place for recreation.
To go to Khaptad, drive to Silgadhi of Doti. If you want to go by plane, you have to go to Dhangadhi by car. Then you can reach Khaptad on foot for two or three hours. On the way to Khaptad, there is greenery and forest everywhere. When I was young, we used to read in the book ‘Green Forest is Nepal’s wealth’. The real scene can be seen after coming here.
The caravan is growing on the tree. The red gourd is swollen and swollen. Colorful flowers are blooming and the scent is spreading. These beautiful flowers and red gourds seem to welcome tourists along the way. Wherever it is, it is good. Quiet place, clean environment, no sign of pollution. The view of the beautiful greenery here is also eye-catching. The mind is also fascinated. Suppose we feel as if we have come down from earth to heaven.
The shepherds are playing the flute. Pets are grazing on the roof. There are green hills around. There are grass covered with dubo. When you walk on the ground, you feel the joy of cold in summer. The gentle breeze, the colorful flowers, are adorning the natural beauty of the place.
The peacocks are dancing. Tourists are mesmerized by the melodious sound of the coyote’s cooing. Many birds are chirping and flying in the sky. A person who has reached Khaptad after seeing such scenes here would not have wanted to return if he was not in a hurry.
What are the additional attractions of Khaptad? Here is Khaptad Baba’s hut. Kedardhunga, Nagdhunga, Temple, Patipowwa, Khaptadtal. There is Triveni river. There is a religious belief that bathing in this river brings immense merit. There is great worship in Sahasralinga. There is a big rock. People offer sacrifices to satisfy their desires. The affluent also travel by helicopter. People who are unable to walk and want to ride a horse enjoy traveling as well as having fun.
They are playing local instruments in a captivating way. The locals have the ability to enchant everyone by singing songs according to the Vaka of their place, playing deuda, wearing white dress and white feta on the head, belt on the waist, shield in hand and dancing to the rhythm of hands and feet with sword. The predominance of Dhamijhankri can also be seen here. Our esteemed gurus, dignitaries and locals are urging us to preserve and preserve our customs and rites forever.
In the case of locals, going to the fair is also a means of meeting relatives. They are happy to meet their relatives at the fair. They hug each other. They share happiness and sorrow. They cook and eat sweet and savory food. They come to the fair wearing new clothes to sew. The interest and significance of the fair can be realized by seeing the children coming to the fair wearing jewelry from head to toe. The locals are congratulating and wishing good luck to the foreign tourists who come to visit Khaptad and see the fun fair.
The importance of this fair seems to have increased due to the Khaptad fair in the summer of June. The weather is cold there. Warm clothes should be taken. The smell of flowers and plants can make you stick and have some effect on your face. Occasional sunburn, occasional drizzle, seem to play hide and seek.
The first time I went to Khaptad, Khaptad Baba was in his hut. Patients lined up waiting for him. He was wondering which herbs to give for which disease. The medicine he gave told the patient that he was well. He is no more, his absence is bound to happen to the people of Khaptad, even those who understand his knowledge and wisdom are feeling the pain of his absence.
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