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[Dhaulagiri to entice the world]

The Dhaulagiri Ice Fall Trail of Myagdi is known as a piece of heaven that attracts the hearts of the people of the world. Who doesn’t love the view from here? The Dhaulagiri Century Footpath has also been declared to include the tourist sites of Raghuganga region of Myagdi. The footpath from Beni to the southern base camp of the 8,167-meter-high Dhaulagiri Himal can be completed in seven days. This footpath in the proposed Raghuganga village municipality is considered to be the shortest to reach Dhaulagiri base camp.
From Beni to Jhin, Pakhapani, Raikhor, Ghyansikharka, Chhari, Fedi Sahasrabhir, Odar Camp and after reaching Dhaulagiri Base Camp, Chimkhola, Darmija, Dagnam and return to Galeshwar. At the initiative of the Myagdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a team of experts and technicians identified the footpath in March-March, 2072 BS.
Dhaulagiri Ice Fruit Footpath
Dhaulagiri base camp can be reached in three days from Beni. After settling in the first bass, Ghanskharka in the second bass, scattering in Fedi camp, Sunthala and Kalo Pahad, Odhar camp, return from Dhaulagiri base camp, return to Beni in seven days by staying at Manglekhani and Chimkhola.
Chairman of the Myagdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jivan Bahadur Bishwakarma said that the Dhaulagiri Century is useful for tourists who like adventure trekking. The shortest footpath to reach Dhaulagiri base camp is the natural beauty and culture of the Magar and Chhantyal communities.
The trail includes Todke, a religious site, Jagannath, Pachai, Rikhar and other places where you can observe the sunrise and the mountain range. The majority of the Magar community live in Chimkhola, Dagnam, Jhin and Pakhapan along this footpath which includes the Kuinemangale VDC, which is inhabited by the minority Chhantyal community.
After Magar and Chhantyal, there is also a Dalit community. The Magar and Chhantyal communities welcome guests by performing Pukhyauli, Thali Nach, Sorathi, Yanimaya songs. There is a natural hot water tank in Darmija village of this footpath where you can observe the risky fishing in Bhirpahara. The final destination of the footpath is the southern base camp of Dhaulagiri at an altitude of 4,000 meters. The operation of this footpath is expected to help in the development of tourism in the Raghuganga region.
Earlier, Dhaulagiri Cycle, Guerrilla and Annapurna Dhaulagiri community footpaths are in operation in Myagdi, which is included in the world famous Annapurna Cycle Trail. Infrastructure is being constructed for the operation of Dhaulagiri Ice Fruit connecting Lete of Mustang via Bhagwati of Myagdi and Gurja Himal Trail connecting Dolpa via Mudi Gurja. More than 30,000 tourists from third countries visit Myagdi every year.
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