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[ 5 functions of mobile camera, you may not know]

Rabindra Dhungel, 1 september 2020. The camera of a mobile phone is only used for taking photos and videos, but you can’t use it to the fullest. The camera in a smartphone is used for many purposes. Many apps and features connected to the camera are running.
#Language translation
Language and signals can also be translated through the camera.
After Google Translate translates the language, you need to download the Google Translate app on your smartphone. When you open this app, when you open the camera in it, even if you focus the camera on any sign and language you don’t understand, it translates it into the language you understand. Although it does not translate all languages, it also translates many languages. Nepali is also a language covered by Google Translate. Apps like Text Grabber and Wego also work like Google Translate.
#. Document scanning
You can also scan any document through your mobile phone. The scanned document can be edited as desired. Apps like Cam Scanner, Tiny Scanner have this kind of feature.
Such apps are available on Android and iOS.
#. To see stars and planets
The stars can be seen on the screen of the mobile phone by opening the Sky View app available on ISO and Android and turning it towards the sky. This way wiki tabs and blippers can also be used.
#. Barcode scanning
Smartphones can also be used to scan barcodes and QR codes. Information on any product is stored in barcodes and courier codes. If your smart phone has a barcode scanner or carcode scanner, you can easily scan the code and get the information inside.
#. Security camera
You can also use an old smartphone for this. Even if you want to use the new one. Download the Security Camera app on a smartphone used as a security camera. You can even record it by connecting the phone to your smartphone or a home computer via Wi-Fi.
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