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What happens to a Facebook account after death?

Rabindra Dhungel, 1 september 2020. Social media and email addresses are not just fun and easy things to do. There is also a collection of highly sensitive information from transactions, transactions, love affairs.
Some businesses rely on social media and email. Your email and social media accounts can be worth billions of dollars.
After the death of a person, other property is transferred to the nearest heir. But what happens to digital properties, including social media?
Who owns your email and Facebook account?
Free email service providers including Gmail, Yahoo and social media such as Facebook and Twitter have developed policies on ‘digital property ownership’. Not all platforms have the same policies, but such policies are based on the privacy of the deceased and the need for family members to have important details in the account.
What happens on Facebook?
You can now set the conditions under which you can close your Facebook account or transfer some rights to the person you want. Allowing one of your family or acquaintances to operate is called a digital executor. If he dies, he will have the right to your Facebook page.
Memorialized account
Even if the profile or page of the deceased is allowed to be operated by others, it is not possible to operate it regularly as before.
Facebook can be requested in advance as a memorialized account to manage your Facebook posthumously. Family members who have already been verified can close the account by providing a death certificate. Relatives or friends of the deceased can post messages of remembrance on the memorialized account but no one can login.
Facebook’s authority can be requested to keep the account as a reminder. For this you have to fill this form.
If you do not want to give such rights to anyone after death, Facebook will close the account as soon as you receive the official information of your death.
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