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Information that angry people must read : What is anger ? What are the disadvantages of being angry? Take a quick look


Rabindra Dhungel, Thu, 6 Aug. Anger is a type of emotion that arises naturally and is experienced by everyone from time to time. Depending on the time, situation and thought, our emotions are coming naturally in different ways and on different levels on a daily basis and these emotional states are constantly being operated by our mind. Anger is one of those different emotional states.


Why do you get angry

Anger usually arises in our minds, when our thinking is hurt, or when we feel annoyed, criticized or in a dangerous situation. When anger is created in such a situation, it cannot be said to be bad or impractical. Anger can range from mild to severe.

Among the primary causes, we often get angry in the following situations. Stress, fatigue, hunger, financial problems, feelings of failure, depression, sadness, suffering, injustice, etc.

The second category of causes – the causes of impractical anger – mental illnesses such as: Mania, Agitated, Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, direct effect of drugs, etc.

The effects of anger

Anger can damage our ability to make decisions and our conscience, which can lead to impractical, irrational speech and behavior. When we are angry, we cannot express or communicate our thoughts effectively, which can have a negative effect on our relationship.

In most cases, expressing anger can be a healthy response. But if the frequency of excessive and prolonged outbursts of anger, outbursts of anger, and the expression of anger get out of control, it can adversely affect our mind and body. This can create serious, catastrophic problems. Adverse effects on work, behavior, and relationships can be detrimental to living standards.

Physical effects :-
Headache, High blood pressure,Effect on sleep,Effect on digestive system, Effect on ability to fight disease, Mental effects, Depression,Lack of confidence,Effect on eating habits,Drug use,Suicidal effect etc.
Anger management

Anger can be normal and healthy if it is expressed properly. To do this, we need to be able to identify the symptoms of anger and then develop appropriate measures to manage it.

Managing anger does not mean that we have to hold back or hide our anger or let go of anger. Anger management teaches us to develop the ability to recognize depression at an early stage and to manage it and express our thoughts and needs in a calm and controlled manner.

1. First of all, find out why and for what reason anger arose and talk to yourself (Self talk). Trying to understand what reality is and what it is.

2. When you get angry, be aware of what kind of warning signs will appear in our body. Take appropriate steps to control these warning signs.

3. Recognize negative thoughts.

4. Calming processes

Focusing on the physical sensations of anger.

Take long breaths.

Take a break.

Stay away from stressful situations for a while.

To exercise Take a walk

Remembering that the eyes have seen a beautiful and delightful scene, remembering the ear-pleasing melody.

Stretching the body, massaging the parts of the body that feel tense.

Take some time and count to 1-10.

Checking the reality (how appropriate was it to get angry in that case? The response I showed was justified in that case)

Wasn’t it What can I do to control my anger?

5. Healthy ways to express anger:

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