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Whose wisdom is greater? Women’s or men’s, Know the facts


Rabindra Dhungel, Thu, 6 Aug. Thinking of gender discrimination has spread all over the universe. God has made both of them the same and people also say that men and women are the two wheels of the same chariot or the companions of life. But even then the two go treat each other differently so the world of men and women is very different. Some people have been working for decades to challenge this idea, and theirs work is included in a book called The Gendered Brain.



The brains of women and men

They say, human minds do not differ from each other on the basis of gender, but society is always making it felt. From birth to old age, there is no difference in the minds of men and women, depending on the way a person behaves, and thinks.


Even in 2019, researcher are worried that people will still believe in such a thing. Despite the change in color, gender discrimination continues in our society even today.


For nearly two hundred years, scientists have been researching whether there is any difference between the brains of men and women, but to no avail. Now, with the help of science and technology, the old thinking has proved to be completely wrong, but the differences in the society have not been removed.


There is also a perception that a woman’s brain is on average smaller than a man’s. For years, there has been a misconception that girls’ brains are about ten times smaller than men’s and that women’s thinking ability is impaired.


Researcher say, “If the relationship between intellect and conscience is decided by the size of the brain, then the brain size of elephants and sperm whales is much larger than that of humans, but why don’t they have the same conscience as humans?” It is said that the famous scientist Einstein had a smaller brain than the average man, although his thinking and intellect were not small.

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