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The Lake of Heliothermal Salt In Europe-Bear Lake – Romania


This is one of the most magnificent  lake . Its name from the bearskin shape that it forms. In 1875, a salt mine collapsed in on itself. It was then filled with water from rainfalls and surrounding streams. The result is a unique salt lake in the heart of Transylvania. It is also the largest heliothermal salt lake in Europe .  Maybe if you tilt your head a bit.) Due to its unique creation, the lake has a very interesting phenomenon going on. Fresh water flows into the lake from several streams.

The water doesn’t mix with the salt water and stays on top, acting as an insulator for the water below. The salt water below retains the heat from the sun. So when you step into the lake, the water is cool on top but warmer as you go deeper. The opposite of what happens in most bodies of water.

Bathing in the lake is regulated during certain times so that the water and heat can balance out. Still, thousands of people visit every year to take a dip in the lake. The water is said to be beneficial for a variety of ailments. People go to the lake for treatment for rheumatism, neurological, gynecological endocrine, and metabolic diseases. There are even rumors that the water can help cure infertility!

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