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Springs of Hot Water Beitou springs , Taiwan


While  you visited Taiwan, the only thing in your minds was eating as much food as we physically could. What you didn’t know was that Taiwan was also famous for natural hot springs. Taiwan is in a unique position over the Eurasian plate and Philippine plate, so there are geothermal hot spots scattered throughout the country.

One of the most popular areas to visit natural hot springs in Taiwan is Beitou. Beitou is only a short train ride away from the main city, Taipei. When you arrive, the entire area is littered with different hot springs. The largest spring is closed off to public access, although you are welcome to look at it. The water in this spring gets up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit! Not exactly what we would call bathwater temperature. The area used to let you take an egg and boil it in the water for fun. They have since then quit this practice due to health and safety issues.

Anyways, there is no lack  of other springs to choose from. One of the most popular is probably Beitou Public Hot Springs. The entry fee is cheap and the water comes directly from the natural sulfur hot spring. There are several pools and you’re supposed to work your way from coolest to hottest and then a brisk plunge into an icy pool. You didn’t even get both feet into the hottest one before we called it quits. People visit these springs for the many beneficial properties. The waters will help prevent and treat diseases such as arthritis, heart failure, diabetes, and dermatosis, to name a few.

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