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Here are some unique stock market tips:


Rabindra Dhungel, 26 september 2020. Stock market investors are constantly watching the fluctuations in the stock. They also want to know the state of the world stock market and the trend. The general public may also be interested in the stock market. But most people and stock traders are unaware of the terms and topics used in the stock market. Here are some unique stock market tips:




. The rising and falling trend in the stock market is called bull and beer by California horsemen. They used to fight bears and bulls. In a battle, the bear seeks to fall and the bull seeks to raise its horn, so it is customary to call the declining market bearish and the rising market bullish.





. In 2005, an inexperienced Japanese stock trader sold 640,000 Japanese yen worth of shares at 640,000 yen per share. That is, he sold सेयर 3 billion worth of shares for 5,000.

. Takashi Kotegwa, a 21-year-old Japanese stock investor, converted 13,600 US dollars into 156 million dollars during his eight-year trading. During those eight years, he ate only three tablespoons of Ramen noodles. He argued that this saved him time and less sleep.







. Walt Disney used to give Disney shares to his housemaid every year to go on vacation. The woman died before becoming a millionaire.

. Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne, along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, sold his stake in Apple in 1976 for ९ 800. Today, his 10 percent stake is worth सेयर 35 billion.







. Founded in 1602, the Dutch East India Company is the world’s first multinational company. It is the first company in the world to issue shares.




. Somalia has a stock market for pirates. In the stock market, the general public can invest before the robbers loot and after the robbery is successful, they get a return on investment.




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