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Ncell has brought more attractive non-stop packs of Tiktak and Facebook


Rabindra Dhungel, 23 september 2020. Ncell customers can now enjoy the popular social networking site Tiktak and Facebook with more options. Ncell Axiata Limited (formerly Ncell Private Limited) has come up with an attractive one-day and 30-day plan on TickTack and Facebook packs, offering additional options to its customers under non-stop offers.






The new packs, which are aimed at Forge customers under the ‘Plus’ theme, have come into operation from Wednesday (September 7). The ‘Plus’ theme aims to ensure customers have access to innovative and specialized services at all times.




Customers can easily activate these one-day or 30-day YPACs as per their requirement and enjoy these social networks at affordable rates. Customers can activate a one-day ticket or Facebook pack for only Rs 25 (Rs 31.92 inclusive of tax).




Similarly, customers can avail the benefits of Nonstop Rupees for only Rs. In addition, these 30-day packaged customers receive an additional 6 GB of data bonus for using the Internet for other purposes.



Asterix 17123 Asterix by Ncell’s Forge customers

By dialing 1 hash, these packs can be easily activated by selecting from the non-stop offer options as per the instructions received. Customers can activate their favorite packs through Ncell and digital wallet service providers such as Khalti, UniPay, Isewa or Prabhupe.



Ncell believes that these new attractive packs, which are based on the popular app under the Nonstop offer, will provide non-stop access to Forge customers on their preferred social network at an affordable rate. Under the non-stop offers, Ncell has been offering a seven-day non-stop ticket, Facebook or YouTube pack at Rs 100 only (Rs 127.69 inclusive of tax) and YouTube and Facebook combo pack at Rs 150 (Rs 191.54 inclusive of tax).



Customers have been getting 4 GB in a seven-day pack and 6 GB in a 30-day pack as a bonus to use on the internet for other purposes.



There is also a special plan for customers who buy non-stop packs for seven or 30 days. Customers who activate this pack can get 3500 MB of extra data at the rate of 500 MB per day for 7 days for only Rs. 20 (including tax only 25.54). The data can be used by customers to save tickets, Facebook or YouTube.




Under its new theme ‘Plus’, Ncell has introduced WireFrip Plus WiFi, attractive non-stop YouTubePlus for its Forge customers as well as Endless ConversationPlus, new Easy SIM and Ultra WiFi Simplus plans and is still bringing many more services to its customers.




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