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[Here are four reasons why your bike or car’s engine may be stuck]


Rabindra Dhungel, 12 september 2020. We have heard or experienced that the engine of a motorcycle or a car has been seized. After all, engine siege means that the engine is locked or it stops running. Due to negligence, not only old, but also new vehicles can have engine seizures.

On top of that, due to the condition of the Nepali car and the driver being very careless while driving, the engine itself is getting stuck. Even ordinary motorcycles cost a lot of money if the engine is seized. So if you see such signs in your vehicle, you should immediately stop the vehicle and contact the garage.

# The main cause of engine seizure of a car or motorcycle is overheating. If the device is too hot, the signaling system is provided in all vehicles or motorcycles. This should never be forgotten. If the vehicle is overheating and you are driving instead of stopping, your vehicle may be seized.

#. Timing belt or timing chain breakage also causes engine seizure.

#. If water gets into the cylinder of the engine, it causes damage to the piston. This also causes the engine to seize. This can be a problem, especially when driving in heavy water. Therefore, according to the manual given when buying a vehicle, you have to drive according to the instructions as to how deep the water can be driven. Engineers say that most of the vehicles in Nepal are due to waterlogging due to rain. In addition, there is a problem in all the wiring in the vehicle due to water.

#. Bad fuel also causes the engine to stall. Therefore, it is better to refuel only at quality petrol pumps. Consumers are not yet satisfied with the oil coming to Nepal. So you have to choose the right place to put fuel in the car.

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