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Good news for those who have internet problems at home. Here’s how to solve it


Customers never seem to be satisfied with internet service. This dissatisfaction is on the rise. Negative comments and abusive comments about Internet service providers are appearing on social media. In fact, the Internet is slow for a variety of reasons. Every user needs to be aware of this.





Today we are going to discuss two main reasons why broadband internet is slow.





Your WiFi offers extensive coverage but, it can weaken your connection performance. Distance lowers your WiFi signal and penetrates the ceiling and walls of the home, causing problems for the WiFi signal. To get rid of this problem you can connect your device to your router using an Ethernet cable. Test the speed now and you will be happy with the result. In addition, you can improve the WiFi performance by placing the router in the center of your home. It is better to keep it in an open, downward position. But never hide it in a narrow place.






The internet is for sharing and use. So you share it with your friends and family. But when sharing, don’t forget that Wi-Fi has its own limitations on how many devices it will flood. When your broadband is being shared with many people, then this internet is being used for various purposes. Such as video streaming, online gaming, etc. It consumes a lot of bandwidth. As a result, the overall performance of WiFi is affected.





Test your broadband speed two to three times a day. You will find that when very few people are using the internet, then your net is working at a very fast speed.
But the fiber broadband package can support many connections well. It works better than standard broadband ADSL. It does not harm the speed and overall performance.






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