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[When you marry a girl with 6 such qualities, home is like heaven]


Classical beliefs are still considered true in society. The scriptures describe various aspects of human life. In oceanography, it is possible to know the fate, qualities and various aspects of a person’s life by looking at the structure and shape of the body parts.

Based on this, there is a religious belief that one can know about the future of a person. In the Shiva Purana, Kumar Kartikeya describes the qualities in a person that make him lucky, fortunate and good. The Purana mentions the virtues of a lucky virgin. It has been mentioned that a man who marries a girl with this quality is also very lucky. Let’s talk about women with such qualities.


It is believed that young women with bright, fair and smooth face are very lucky. If the eyebrows in the eyes are bowed like a bow, then the young women are considered to be very lucky. They get happiness in life and every dream they want comes true. Young women with long black hair and curly hair are lucky.

A girl with attractive smooth, soft hair is considered to be better than others. A young woman whose forehead is big and the front part of her head is raised is considered to be rich and lucky.

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