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Rewards should be given to those who carry Grim [The beginning of civilization]


Rabindra Dhungel, 24 august 2020. I am writing a cowardly history that was not born without understanding the importance of grim. By increasing the respect of the grims who have been stranded for the rest of their lives, the ones who carry the grim all over the universe should rule.

The soap used by the gods themselves should also be made dirty. You have to love dirty letters and dirty toothpaste.  Real black money should be sold, not imaginary black lives.

Grim  should be priced. Bather should be treated as illegal. Rewards should be given to those who carry grim. Only then will civilization be saved. A new history will be created.

“Grim’s philosophy! The beginning of civilization!” In fact, only those who are emotionally depressed look dirty . Culture can be saved only by loving hatred. The human community does not understand the philosophy of grim that it is clean, fresh and shiny by putting the pieces of garbage in the garbage bin.

The so-called garbage and dirty baskets must now cease to exist and fill the human community with dirt. Having a loving relationship with garbage, I like to read the newspapers of the Rana period wearing dirty, dirty and old sweaters. The insects living in the sewers should be made social insectivorous by teaching them social and rituals.

You have to make a basket out of the brains fighting among your own race, you have to make a soap for throwing garbage. Teachers like Manju Ghosh should know the history of Mussolini. The lazy Ravan’s middle brothers should be taught to cultivate sewage in bed. The people produced by the industry mock the street children, vomit and run away with their mouths closed like pregnant women.

Many human communities who are trying to make a living by sifting the resin of the pioneers who sowed the seeds of life and civilization by putting weapons in the arsenal, who never make the smell fragrant.

Sewage, drains, rotten things, unnecessary papers, hair, nails, old clothes, rubbish, etc., our ignorant brain does not understand the philosophy of rubbish/ grim. I don’t know if one person’s scent can be another person’s jewelry. Materials and heritages that were neglected in ancient times are now gaining historical momentum, influence and beauty.

It is also seen that the right behaviour, which were started at the beginning, later formed into a foul-smelling shape. Just as the gods have carved an age and a civilization out of grim, so too we must carry grim to keep the age alive.

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