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Corona offer ! Create a free website for your business


Rabindra Dhungel, Fri, 23 Julm 2020 . In the midst of the Corona epidemic, Kite Nepal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Has provided free service. Kite Nepal Technosis Pvt. Ltd. located at Bhaktapur Gapali, Suryavinayak. Ltd. has decided to create a free and convenient website for any business.

As the world human community is plagued by epidemics and Nepal is not untouchable, now amidst the concern of how to carry out economic activities, BUSINESS, TRANSACTION, LEARNING, MEETING and various activities are being done online. Emphasizing on how to carry out activities in a safe, easy, reliable and cheap way, the company has brought this offer.

Saroj Suwal, managing director of the company, said that the company was facing various problems due to the inability of the government of Nepal to manage information technology properly. Website is WORLD WIDE WEB TECHNOLOGY (WWW), it can be defined in different ways but in simple language, it is a simple way to identify a business like any other website in the world. For this, simplification of international activities is essential.


There should be easy access to money, payment and all sorts of legal means, but it is still not managed in Nepal. Describing the tragedy of Nepalese having to work on the basis of a citizen of a neighboring country or any other country, he said that even though they earn money by working online in Nepal, they are not legally recognized. Stating that there is a great need for information technology in Nepal, Manager Suwal expressed his commitment to make all kinds of websites free of cost to meet the need.


Kite Nepal said that the company will design a DEVICE RESPONSIVE STATIC WEBSITE as a relief and no fee will be charged for it. He said that the person should bear the charge of SPACE / DOMAIN REGISTRATION required for the website. He is of the view that most of the Nepalese are still confused and in trouble due to the lack of proper steps and policies of information technology in Nepal.

In a place like the capital, people are still forced to sit in line for hours to pay their electricity, drinking water bills and various other banking transactions while maintaining social distance and working in line in the scorching sun. He claimed that lack of proper knowledge of technology, proper steps and proper policy was the only reason for facing these compulsions.


Suwal informed that this offer has been brought considering these various problems. Stating that the offer will include creating a free website as well as providing public awareness work, Saraj Suwal requested to contact 9851101923 for detailed information.

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