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The former student gave 2.7 million to the 77-year-old teacher who was living in the car after losing his house


California. A former student has given a check of 27,000 dollars or 32 lakh 24 thousand Nepali rupees to a former alternative teacher sitting in his car. Teacher Jose Vilruel is known among students as Mr. V. He turned 77 on Thursday. Her 21-year-old alumnus, Steven Nabha, arranged a special ceremony for the teacher’s birthday.

He had been serving as an alternative teacher for decades. Students donated हजार 27,000 to the event. At the age of 77, Joe lost his home and spent the night in a car. After receiving the support, the teacher said that I am very lucky and have received great respect.

According to Vilruel, since the beginning of 2020, schools have been transformed into distance education. The condition of the school has completely changed due to the corona virus. I think the job of an alternative teacher is over. So I resigned in May last year. I completed all the arrangements for receiving the pension. The pension did not last long because I had a debt before. He also decided to sell his house. I have been sitting outside in my car ever since.

My body was getting comfortable from the car seat. It serves me as transportation, as a dining room, and as a bedroom. But coincidence. A few weeks ago, her former student Steven Nava found her sleeping. Then he discovered it all.

Seeing my teacher’s condition, I felt pity. How many of our teachers have lost their jobs due to this corona virus epidemic? How many homes are empty? It was very difficult to remember me. So I decided to help him, ”said the former student. Alumnus Nabha said he remembers being helped by a teacher in our school life. My teacher helped me a lot in every exam. Seeing the condition of my teacher today, I have helped here.

He made a video about the teacher’s condition. Posted the video on Twitter. The video story received more than 1.7 million views. That tick went viral. He then raised support from the Go Fund page. Within a few days, he raised 27,000 to help the teacher.

Now the power of social media is huge. Sometimes we have to use it for good. Not for the worse, he said. Tiktak’s video message went viral in the city of Fantana in no time. Warren Villarreal’s alumni and many others gathered to support him. The teacher was called there. At the ceremony, the students handed over a check for 2.7 million.


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