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Employment opportunities for Nepalis in the UK, number-based visa system introduced from December


London. The UK government has introduced a number-based visa system from 1 December. Officials say the UK has launched a new system to bring in talented and skilled workers from around the world after leaving the European Union (EU).

All foreign nationals, including residents of EU countries, will be able to apply from 1 December 2020 and will be allowed to work in the UK from 1 January 2021. Visa can be applied online. A ‘skilled worker visa’ requires a job offer from an employer, proficiency in English and a minimum annual income of हजार 25,600.

The applicant will have to prove his identity and provide documents. Migrant workers will need to bring a total of 70 points to qualify for a visa, including a 40-point job offer from a recognized employer, 10 points from the English language and 20 points with an annual salary of at least 25,600.


Visa application fees range from १ 610 to ४ 1,408, a healthcare surcharge of ४ 624 (per year) and a minimum of २ 1,270 for your expenses. The government has stated that the visa decision will be given to the applicant from outside the UK after completing all the procedures and the visa period will be up to 5 years.

Home Minister Preeti Patel said the government had fulfilled its promise with the EU to end open movement, return control of its borders and implement a new number-based immigration system.

In a statement, she said the simple, effective and flexible system would encourage employers to recruit skilled manpower as needed and to train and invest in the UK’s workforce.

With the end of the transition period for Brexit (UK exit from the EU) on 31 December, the UK EU is closing its open air circulation. From January 1, the same immigration rules will apply to citizens of European and other countries. When the UK became a member of the EU, European citizens had the right to live and work in the UK as long as they wanted.

The government has also opened other visa routes. The Global Talent Visa is open to people with extraordinary talents in the fields of engineering, science, technology, anthropology, medicine, arts and culture, and the Innovator and Start-up Visa are open to people with business skills and new creative thinking.

It was opened to international students from all over the world on October 5, 2020. The government’s new announcement has also opened the way for skilled manpower to enter the UK from Nepal. “This is a good opportunity for highly skilled people to come to the UK,” said Raju Thapa, a solicitor in London.

Professor of International Law and Barrister at the University of Leeds, UK. Dr. Surya Prasad Subedi (QC) says that it is natural for people to be attracted to life in the UK as it is one of the best universities in the world and a unique confluence of arts and culture.

“There is an environment where everyone can thrive on competition and quality,” said Subedi. “The UK is an open society that is being transformed into a rainbow country. As the motherland of rule of law and parliamentary democracy, this country is the choice of the world. ‘

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