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What to do to stay healthy in any weather ?


Rabindra Dhungel, 9 october 2020. With heat comes sweating, bad breath, dehydration, restlessness, laziness and lack of energy. However, if we take some precautions, even in hot weather, we can stay fit, stay agile, eliminate laziness. We can stay healthy and fit if we can balance our eating and drinking habits in summer and keep our fitness routine in balance with the seasonal diet.

Summer eating tips

Eat fresh food in summer and stay healthy. In summer, you should eat cooked food immediately. This is because in this season, especially tomatoes, potatoes, green vegetables and pulses spoil quickly. Only eat foods that are easy to digest in hot weather.

-When you wake up in the morning, you should eat something or drink green tea within an hour and a half. Prolonged empty stomach leads to lack of essential nutrients in the body. Eating at short intervals can prevent overeating. It is better to soak lemon juice in warm water early in the morning.

– Tea-coffee consumption should be reduced in summer. In addition, it is beneficial to include juice, ice, yogurt, lassi, satu, lemon-water, vel sarvat, coconut water, sugarcane juice in your diet.

-Glucose, electrolyte, water of life, mint etc. should be kept at home in summer season.

-Do not drink water from the fridge immediately after returning from the sun outside. Instead, water stored in a jug of clay is better.

-Fruits should be eaten instead of sweets.

– Extremely cold beverages should be avoided.

-Eat easy to digest and eat light vegetables. Apart from carrots, tomatoes and spinach, vegetables like watermelon are good. These vegetables are also low in calories and have the ability to fight heat.

Exercise in the summer

-It is better to walk in the morning and evening to avoid heat stroke and dehydration in summer. Now it is not convenient to walk outside the house, so you can walk inside the house or on the roof.

– Let’s do pranayama like Anulom Bilom, Kapalbhati.

– Let’s practice meditation for a while.

– Let’s practice yoga.

– Let’s rest for a while.

Other measures

-Drink at least three liters of water daily in summer. Drink water or fluids before and after exercise or physical exercise.

– Increase the amount of soup and fruits in the diet. Eat less spicy food.

– Do not drink mixed juice of more than three fruits at a time.

– Canned juice should be avoided. Fresh fruit juice should be preferred.

– Attention should be paid to physical hygiene.

– It is suitable to take a bath with cold water in the morning.

– Light and loose clothing should be worn.

– White or light colored clothing is suitable.

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