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Horoscope of four zodiac signs


Rabindra Dhungel, 7 october 2020. Today’s horoscope for the year 2077 B.S. No. October 7, 2020, Nepal Sambat 1140 Analaga Panchami, the year named Pramadhi, Sun Dakshinayan, Autumn, Adhik Asoj Krishna Panchami, Moon in Taurus, Rohini Nakshatra, Vyatipat Yoga, Taital Karan. In Nepal, sunrise will be at 06:00 in the morning and sunset will be at 5:44 in the evening. The child born today will be Taurus.


Today, when you have to go out for important work, you will get auspicious fruits even if you travel in any direction with sesame or coriander in your mouth. . There is no important work day today. The best time to start an important task or embark on a good journey today is from 5:59 a.m. to 8:56 p.m. This time is based on Nepal’s national time. There will also be differences in time, date, constellation, etc. according to the place.


Aries Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A (Aries) are somewhat good for agriculture, forest and soil related entrepreneurs. From Dhanagam’s point of view, today is usually a good day, but we have to face practical difficulties. So don’t be overly optimistic. Diet and meal times may change. Be aware of prestige and social dignity, speech will not have much effect.


Taurus E, U, A, O, Ba, B, Bu, Be, Bo (Taurus) will be health friendly. Friends, family and colleagues will support. There will be flexibility to invest in areas where profitable results are achieved. There are also benefits to be gained from the business sector. Family support will increase. Friends and relatives will provide good support. Delicious food will be favored. Now those who sit back and interrupt you will be silenced.


Gemini’s, Ki, Ku, D, E, G, K, Ko, H (Gemini) seems to be an advantage in the bandh trade but there is a possibility of disputes in money transactions and transactions. There will be a new way to solve the economic problem.


It is not good to invest with big ambitions, gambling and betting should be avoided. Reputation is likely to increase even if you have to bear unintentional responsibilities. Spending on entertainment can increase.


Cancer Hi, Hu, He, Ho, Da, Di, Du, De, Do (Cancer) will benefit from working to benefit from the political and social spheres. Benefit can be taken from reading and academic field. The mind will be happy. You will have to participate in social gatherings.


Participate in special sacrifices and religious ceremonies. Responsibility towards family and children will increase. Benefit can be taken from reading and academic field.

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