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Remove these 11 things from your Facebook profile, otherwise you will regret it


Rabindra Dhungel, 5 october 2020. The social networking site Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. But it can also be a problem for us sometimes. Because our personal information is on Facebook, people take advantage of it. Here are 11 things you shouldn’t post on Facebook:

Hide your mobile number right away. Never enter a phone number on a Facebook page. People will sooner or later take advantage of you.

Hackers can disrupt your personal life just because of your birthday. This will allow them to reach your bank, which will cause you a lot of problems.

Only real friends can access Facebook
Never accept friend requests from strangers. It would be wise to keep only friends you know here.

Relationship status:
If you are in love with someone or have a breakup with someone, do not include such things on Facebook. Others will benefit.

Credit Card Details:
Never post credit card details on Facebook. This is the biggest fear of account hacking.

Do not connect your bus:
This is your personal space. Your bus may sound so soft that you may have to deal with it in the office.

Never tell your location:
Never tag your location on Facebook. I don’t know who is watching you.

Do not leave vacation information:
Remember, doing so can cost you dearly. It may be that you have written on Facebook that you are going on vacation for 15 days and in the same 15 days your house may be burglarized. So it is better not to post such things on Facebook.

Do not include family photos:
By doing so, you are also taking your enemies to your family. Stop posting family photos immediately.

Don’t miss your child’s school information:
You may want to talk a lot with your friends, but don’t say anything about your child on Facebook. Don’t miss out on some of their school activities. Doing so will be to your detriment.

Always turn off location setting:
Always turn off location settings, whether iPhone or Android. This will let others know about your situation and as soon as they get the news, such a person may harm you by planning something different.

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