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Let’s not delay, this is how alternative education can be promoted


Rabindra Dhungel, 29 september 2020. Due to the increasing number of people infected with the global pandemic corona virus (Covid-19), regular face-to-face reading has been disrupted in schools, campuses and other educational institutions. To inform the disrupted teaching and learning system and to provide regular face-to-face reading in schools, campuses and other educational institutions. Creating environment) and providing alternative education for all is the main need of the present time. Alternative education for all is key
Should be operated as a campaign. The demand of the present time is to provide education through quality, reliable, sustainable, viable and alternative methods so as to provide equal access to all, including the poor, the economically deprived, the disabled and the working people. Under the alternative method, parents, educational institution / school / learning center and local level analyze the cost of conducting classes through online / virtual medium.







The minimum fee should be collected from the parents of the institutional learning center, school / educational institution capable or paid by the tripartite agreement between the parties.





However, unaffordable or financially deprived parents should be provided free internet / wifi to participate in online / virtual classes under an alternative system. Home Schooling, Radio / AFM Pathshala / Education, Television Education, Online / Virtual Classroom, Offline, Project Tasks, Self-Study, Search Study, Inquiry Study from Familiar Family Members, Inquiry Study from Knowing Neighbors, Study by Visiting Various Websites, Inquiry Study by Telephone, Various To make it accessible to all through study, interaction and other alternative methods from news and informative news / magazines.




In addition to conducting and conducting alternative education for all in a simple, easy, cheap and quality manner, the active cooperation, cooperation and harmony of all stakeholders also seems to be indispensable. In the current heterogeneous situation, all the students are accommodated by synthesizing the curriculum and covering the most important topics.





The need of the hour is to give special emphasis on alternative methods for all, taking into account the existing geographical area.




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