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Here are some ways to use WiFi in all rooms of the house


Rabindra Dhungel, 23 september 2020. Even if you have internet connection at home, you are worried about not having Wi-Fi in all the rooms of the house. If you are bothered by such worries, get rid of it now. Because the WiFi signal can be made to pick up well everywhere in the house. If you have an old router in your house, it can be used to solve the problem of dead spot or non-signal of WiFi signal. For this, you can also work with WiFi signal extender. But they connect the signal from the router through wireless technology.



Connecting wires to a WiFi router can make the signal even stronger. In order to transmit the signal of such a router to all parts of the house, some changes have to be made in its software. If the house is connected to the Internet cable, another access point can be created from the old router. But if the wire is not connected, it is better to make a repeater from an old router. To do this, first connect to the power and press the reset button for about thirty seconds. The router is then reset. Then remove the connection with electricity for hours and press the button. Then reconnect the router to the power and press the reset button again for 30 seconds.

The router’s settings are then complete. Wherever the WiFi signal is weak in the house, there should be a reset router. Once this router is connected to the base router, the WiFi signal is good everywhere.

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