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Important features of Google Map


Rabindra Dhungel, 22 september 2020. Customize the vehicle icon – it’s annoying to look at a blue arrow while driving. If you don’t like this blue icon, you can change it to a car icon. For this you can change to red sedan, green truck or yellow SUV. But this feature is only activated on iPhone.




Order Food – Some restaurants also integrate their services into the Google Maps app. Open the Google Maps app and tap the order of the restaurant participating in such service online. Select Delivery there. Now pick up the service to deliver your food. Now add what you want to eat to the cart. Now that the process is complete, select Checkout. Put the payment details in it and tap Place your order.




Measure Distance – If you want to measure distance between two places, Google Maps has such a tool. This tool is called Major Distance. You can use it on your phone and desktop. It lets you measure distances in feet or kilometers. Browse Google Maps on PC or Mac and right click on the starting point of Google Maps. Now select the major distance and continue on the measuring map.




Continue until you have selected the entire area of ​​the desired distance. If it is on the phone, keep pressing and holding at the starting point until you see the drop pin. Now tap on the menu below and select Major Distance. You will see a line of blue dots. To move it, drag your finger across the screen in the direction you want to measure.



Once you’ve reached the point where you want to stop, tap on Add Point. A new set of blue lines appears. Now you can repeat this step until all those areas are covered.



Use the map indoors – you may not find your way to a large airport. But Google Maps will help you find such unfamiliar terminals inside the airport. It also shows you nearby gates, restaurants, shops, lounges and other places in the area. To do this, search the terminal you are looking for on Google Maps.



You can zoom in and out there. You can see different floors and switch there by tapping on the floor. This feature can also be used in other large malls and venues.



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