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Here are 8 things a second hand car seeker must understand


Rabindra Dhungel, 18 september 2020. If you are thinking of getting a car, even if it is small and cheap, then it is important to know something before buying an old car. Hundreds of reconditioned car buying and selling companies are now open in Nepal.



Some of the reconditioning houses run by the importing company can be found in the valley. There are reconditioning houses opened by importing companies like Sipradi Assured, Hyundai’s H Promise, Ford Assured, while dozens of reconditioning houses opened by others are operating in the valley.



In this case, the customer needs to pay attention to various things when buying an old car. Those who are thinking of buying an old car should choose a new model second hand car as much as possible. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to these things.



-Determination of budget
You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. It is advisable to start looking for a car only after determining the price of the car you want to buy.



Model selection
Once the budget is finalized, you should choose the mode of the car you want to buy before buying a second hand car. Using the internet, you can get information about the features and uses of the car you want to buy based on your budget. On the Internet, based on the specifications of the vehicle can be compared with other models of cars.



– Find a certified car
It is advisable to buy a certified old model car. Buyers must specifically inspect how many kilometers the car has driven. In addition, when buying a certified model, you need to understand whether you can get an additional warranty as well as a warranty for the original manufacturer.



– To inspect the vehicle yourself
Those who want to buy a car from a person other than the company or dealer should inspect the vehicle by a mechanic or themselves. In particular, the condition of the engine should be checked about the excess line of the car, the condition of the tires, the condition of the battery.



-Test drive
To understand the condition of the car, you need to test drive the car.


-Paper work
Sometimes a stolen car can be sold at an attractive price. So, before buying a second hand car, you have to deal with paper. To check the paperwork, you should look at the registration book, bill and other documents.



– To change the name
After purchasing the car, the car must be registered in your name. For this, you have to complete all the necessary procedures by attending the transport management department yourself.


-Insure in your own name
After transferring the name of the vehicle, you have to buy an insurance policy in your own name. The car must be fully serviced before driving first. The interior and exterior of the car should be thoroughly cleaned.



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