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Public app for providing information about roads, including floods and landslides


Rabindra Dhungel, 17 september 2020. Are you going on a trip What time does the highway get jammed during the journey or is the road blocked or flooded by floods and landslides? She may not know.


The app developer has developed a new such app with the aim of solving the same problem. The app will easily inform you about the different types of risks that may come during the journey.


That information will also be received on your mobile.

The navigation app will provide information even if the road is flooded. Intets Moby Private Limited has created an app called Intets Go.


The beta version of the app has been made public in the Google Play Store for Android users. India’s tech company Intets Moby Private Limited has developed such a navigation app.



Which will give you some information about your trip. The app will also alert you about potholes, waterlogging, traffic jams, breakers and speed cameras.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app is currently only available for beta users.


The company claims that Apple will provide information about 9,000 potholes and speed breakers daily. Intetus Moby Private Limited started operating Intettes Go a few years ago.


The Gudagaon and Coimbatore groups have worked on the product. While so far this beta is ready for users. This beta user can download from the Google Play Store. The app will be constantly updated based on the data received from the data providers.


According to the company, arrangements have been made to update the road condition and accident data in real time. For that, more than 200,000 such plants have been mobilized. Due to which there is no problem in giving and receiving information about any situation.


Similarly, anyone who downloads the app will be able to upload information they have seen or received. As soon as you download the app, it can become a stockout. According to the company.


Informed taxi drivers and truck and goods suppliers and others who live on the road can become members.


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