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Good to know that Google search results


Rabindra Dhungel, 14 september 2020. Google is now the first choice of Internet users. Google is used not only to search for something but also to know something. So if you go to Google search and find out how to use some simple keys, you can find out a lot of things in a short time.



What time is it in which country?

To find out how much time a country has now, type the time and country name into Google’s search box.



What is the population of which country?

How annoying to know that. Even though it was known, we had to find out how official it is. In this case, when the name of the population country is entered in Google’s search box, the population according to the last census comes up.



There is also a calculator

The search for a calculator begins before it comes to accounting. In this case, go to Google and type in the addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of what you are trying to do, and the calculator will come with the answer. And whatever happens is calculated.



Currency exchange rate

Currency exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis. Due to which it is difficult to know the value of dollar, pound and euro today. In this case, when you go to Google and type how many dollars around 1000 Nepali rupees, information will come immediately. At least we avoided the problem of cheating.



When is sunrise and sunset?

Sometimes it is not even known in which country or city when the sun rises and sets. In this case, you can go to Google and find out the sunrise by typing the name of the sunrise country and the name of the sunset country without entering. To know the city, type Sunrise or Sunset and the name of the city.



To know the temperature

If you have to search from other websites to know the temperature of any city, the temperature of the brain starts rising. In this case, Google is reliable. Go to Google and type the name of the city.




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