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[What kind of mask to wear?]


Young children can wear masks if they like cartoons and pictures that they enjoy.  doctor said, “Fancy masks of different designs can be interesting for teenagers. To increase the use of masks for controlling the spread of Covid-19 globally, the production of masks according to the age, profession and interest of the person will help.

Doctor said. For sports fans, if there is a photo of a player, for others, they will be happy to have a mask with a photo of Mount Everest or Nepal’s heritage. He argues that senior citizens may be interested in having a photo of God.


Public health expert Dr. According to doctor , the use of masks increases when they are available in the market. The use of masks is seen as one of the strongest weapons to prevent the spread of covid-19 infection across the country. He says there are still different sized masks for all ages in the market. Like shoes and clothes, it should be of different sizes and types. He said, “Young people do not have a mask that is suitable for even the thinnest people.”

There are three types of masks available in the market now: N95 or K95, surgical and cloth masks. Of these, the N95 Max is available in the market with or without a valve. Clothing is more effective than surgical max. N95 or K95 is a max designed for hospitals.

As it is more expensive than other masks, the general public does not need to wear N95. Doctor says. Since it does not harden after washing, you cannot mix it much. Also, although the valve mask is easier to breathe and talk, it is more likely to be transmitted to an infected person. “It’s better that ordinary people don’t use such masks,” doctor said.

With the advent of Covid-19 infection, the use of masks seems to be increasing in the world. Initially, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that healthy people should not wear masks and that those wearing masks should be infected. Many believed that the corona virus penetrated through holes because of its small size.

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