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[TU recently published two results at the same time of the master’s level]


Tribhuvan University has recently published two different results of postgraduate level. TU  has published the results of two subjects of the Master of Art (MA) at the same time. According to a recent report, the Master of Arts (MA) has published the results of the second year of Economics and Sociology. You can click here to see the published results. After you see the results, please share as much as you can for everyone’s information.



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The same opportunity in the humanities

From a faculty point of view, the humanities faculty is understood differently, only after the science and management faculties. It is said that the faculty of humanities will be included in the third choice only on the basis of the student’s choice.






It is said that the humanities faculty is important only for government jobs, but now this traditional belief has been broken. Those who have higher education in this faculty can easily find work not only in government but also in non-governmental organizations or in the manpower market based on expertise.




“There is a huge scope in the subjects under the Faculty of Humanities,” says Babita Labh, an educationist.

According to a news report from India, those who have completed higher education in economics, English language, mass communication and journalism, philosophy, rural development, computer education, etc. in higher education under the Faculty of Humanities have got employment faster and attractive salary than other subjects. This also applies to Nepal.






The Faculty of Humanities is suitable for those who want to pursue higher education in practical subjects such as sociology, anthropology, art literature, conflict management, psychology, etc. “Those who study in the humanities faculty should not feel inferior to those who have higher education in the science and management faculties,” said Vinay Sapkota, a graduate in English from Tribhuvan University. According to Vinay, the growing number of scholarships to do postgraduate and doctoral studies in this field in developed countries in recent years proves this.



Educationists say that the study of humanities is beneficial as Nepal is a developing and multicultural nation. Harivinod Adhikari, an educationist, claims that the people who get higher education from the humanities are in the intellectual class as the subjects under humanities are profound.






In the case of Nepal, the number of people wanting to study humanities is decreasing every year. Although the number of students studying in the humanities faculty has skyrocketed with the introduction of new subjects such as mass media and journalism, sociology and anthropology, the craze for these subjects is now declining.






Those who study human development, women’s empowerment, home science, population and environment, psychology, etc. under the Faculty of Humanities are still easily employed in various organizations. Tribhuvan University, Eastern University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University and the Council of Higher Secondary Education have covered the subjects of humanities faculty in their curriculum.






The Faculty of Humanities, which was the subject of very few students, was revived within a decade of the restoration of democracy in the country. As the development work started from the grassroots level after the advent of democracy, the number of students studying this subject has increased as the demand for people with practical and theoretical studies has been increasing. In a world that is becoming more sophisticated day by day, the subjects of the humanities faculty are ready to compete with the technical education.





Purvanchal University offers Bachelor of Arts, Media Technology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Interior Design and Social Work under the Faculty of Humanities. Similarly, the University has approved one-year Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Journalism, Psycho-Social Intervention, Rural Economics, Development and Planning Studies. 2 years postgraduate level in Sociology and Anthropology, Population Management and Rural Development, Mass Communication and Journalism, Rural Development Planning and General Studies, Regional Development Planning, Management and Development.







Similarly, various subjects of humanities can be studied under the School of Arts of Kathmandu University. Diploma level teaching is done in music. Undergraduate (undergraduate) program is taught in Buddhist Studies, Fine Arts, Music, Media Studies. Similarly, undergraduate programs include MA in Human and Natural Studies, Master of Arts in Music, MA in Development Studies, and Buddhist Studies. In association with this university, St. Xavier’s College is conducting undergraduate classes in Social Work and National College is conducting undergraduate classes in Development Studies. Doctorate (PhD) in Human and Natural Studies can be done under the School of Arts.






Under the Faculty of Humanities, Pokhara University has conducted programs in English from undergraduate level to doctorate. Under this faculty, the university teaches ‘Population and Gender Development Program’ (MPGD) at postgraduate level. Apart from this, Tribhuvan University has been teaching more than 50 subjects under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. English language and literature, psychology, economics, sociology, journalism, population studies are important subjects of this faculty.




The subject of perpetual attraction under the Faculty of Humanities is English. Students who pass the bachelor’s degree in a major category with a major in English are always entitled to a good job. As English is needed in any field as an international language along with globalization, those who are good at English get excellent opportunities. Another important thing is that students should be able to get higher education in English.






Developmentology and development planning

Many students are interested in these topics that have come up in recent times. These new subjects added to the humanities faculty seem practical from Nepal’s perspective. Although Nepal has not been able to travel on the path of development for some years due to internal problems, education experts say that the importance of manpower in these areas will automatically increase after the peace process becomes meaningful. Higher education in these subjects is provided on the campuses of Eastern University and Kathmandu University.







As Nepal is a developing country in itself, the study of this subject has the opportunity to contribute as much as possible in the field of development planning. The importance of this issue has become even more effective as foresight has to be adopted while making development plans.

Sociology and anthropology

After democracy, many international NGOs came to Nepal to support Nepal’s development drive. There was a growing demand for experts studying sociology and anthropology in development programs run by various diplomatic missions, including the United Nations, Save the Children, and UNICEF.






From such organizations active in the field of social service, good income can be earned along with social service. Due to which many students are now studying sociology and anthropology for postgraduate and doctoral degrees. The Council of Higher Secondary Education has also covered this subject in PLASTU with the objective of providing basic information in sociology. Some campuses affiliated to Kathmandu University and Eastern University have started teaching social work. This course is also compatible with Sociology and Anthropology.



Rural development

Rural development is a relevant issue from Nepal’s perspective. Experts have been saying that Nepal’s development campaign should come from the rural areas as the country is full of villages. In Nepal’s development drive, big plans, state-of-the-art scientific equipment, scientists and experts with higher education abroad are not enough. The study of this subject has proved to be effective on the basis that a person who understands the geography and social condition of the country can play a good role in development.






Most of the countries of the world are surrounded by the sea. Their topography is also simple but in a landlocked country like ours, a separate curriculum has to be prepared for its development. Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Israel and other countries have been imparting education in such courses. He has been teaching rural development in the campuses of Tribhuvan and Eastern University in Nepal.





Mass media and journalism

Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus has been teaching journalism in Nepal since 1978. It is the only government campus to teach journalism. Private sector People’s and Pashupati Multipurpose Campus have also been teaching this subject in association with Tribhuvan University. In addition, this subject is included in the curriculum as a functional subject in other campuses. In Ratna Rajya, journalism is taught up to postgraduate level.




Apart from Tribhuvan University, Eastern University (PU) is teaching this subject for the first time. The subject is being taught by the College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CJMC), Kantipur City College, Serford College of Media Technology. Among them, CJMC is also conducting post-graduate classes. Kathmandu University has also conducted undergraduate classes under the name of Media Studies. Plus, you can also study mass media and journalism.



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