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[Advantages and disadvantages of eating Banana]

 If you eat too much, sugar also becomes bitter. Similarly, banana is also a fruit that is very beneficial for health. However, eating too much banana can also damage the body.
Bananas are included as the best diet for children. 1 or 2 bananas can be given every day. In addition, a person who works hard can eat 3 to 4 bananas a day.
Eating a banana cleans the stomach well. But if the banana is slightly raw, it can cause constipation. Doctors recommend eating bananas when you have diarrhea. This means that the banana works to make the direction harder.
Bananas contain fiber as well as natural amounts of sugar. So eating bananas and milk increases weight. So if you eat too much banana, it will cause unnecessary weight gain in the body.
Eating a banana on an empty stomach causes abdominal pain. Bananas contain a substance called starch. Which takes a long time to digest. So eating too many bananas can cause stomach ache and vomiting can occur if the bananas are not cooked properly.
Patients with diabetes should not eat too much banana. As sugar is found naturally, it increases the amount of sugar in the body and can cause headaches or insomnia.
Due to its high sugar and starch content, bananas cause bad breath. Similarly, the amino acid tyrosine is found in bananas which is converted into tyramine by entering the body. Tyramine increases migraines. People who have asthma should not eat bananas. It causes swelling and allergies.
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