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[Consumers shocked by slow internet, says internet company]


Consumers are shocked by the slow speed of the internet. The Internet does not work according to the data provided by the Internet service provider.





This is a common consumer complaint. But the ISP claims that it is providing the internet to the customer as per its commitment. Why is there a problem that the company gives according to the capacity but the consumer does not get the quality? According to the ISP, the speed of the internet has slowed down due to ticking. According to Vinay Bohora, Managing Director of Vyanet, the problem of slow internet has come with the use of Tiktok.






“The internet is slow now because of the ticking,” he said. Another similar app will come tomorrow. There will be many internet consuming sites. According to him, 80 percent of internet consumption is currently in video-centric apps. Bohora said that providing quality internet is challenging in the near future due to the growing number of such apps.





“Even though the consumption of the internet is very high, we do not have the infrastructure and equipment to manage it. Bandwidth also has to be brought from abroad, ‘Bohora said,’ Bandwidth is bought from various companies in India and sold here. It’s natural for the internet to be slow or shut down when there are technical problems. ‘




He gave this information in a virtual interaction held by Technology Journalists Forum (TJF) Nepal. Vinay Mohan Saud, CEO of Suvisu Kewal Net, said that the speed of internet will be slow even when it is used more than its capacity.




He said that it has become difficult to provide easy service due to the increase in the number of users of Tiktak, Facebook and YouTube and the running time. According to him, the demand for 22 to 25 Gbps ‘Gigabytes per second’ bandwidth has increased only after the lockdown. “Before the lockdown, the internet consumption per customer was around 300 Gbps per month,” he said.





“Now, five to 600 Gbps is being used.” In this case, the Internet may be slower because of increased participation in Internet use. ‘

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