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[Three very important foods that should not be refrigerated]

Rabindra Dhungel, 4 september 2020. The world is going through a lockdown due to the corona virus. The people are frustrated due to the lockdown.
Due to which people have started stocking a lot of goods for fear of food shortage. Despite the availability of kitchen utensils, fear of food shortage has taken root among the people.
It has been found that some people keep things that can be used for a short period of time in the fridge for long-term use. Similarly, some foods lose taste after being refrigerated and are harmful to health.
Some items like dried fruits, ice cream, corn can be kept in the fridge but there are some foods which are good before being put in the fridge but not beneficial when taken out of the fridge.
If you want to keep the taste and benefits of food intact, keep these three  foods in the fridge.
Dairy Products The first thing we want to stock is milk. Even if you keep milk in the fridge for a short period of time, keeping it for a long time does not improve your health. When we take milk out of the fridge and melt it, it is not in good health. In the same way, things are raw and not cheesy.
Fried Foods We like fried foods to be crispy. But when such foods are kept in the fridge, the bhurumpan is directly destroyed. So eat as much of this food as possible and do not store it later in the fridge.
Don’t keep fried noodles in the fridge like fried noodles. Food experts say that cooked or uncooked noodles and pasta should not be kept in the fridge. Buy noodles in the shortest possible time.
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