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[Nokia 3310 was designed in Denmark]

The Nokia 3310 was designed in Denmark.The finish of the Nokia 3310 was also memorable. This attractive looking phone was designed by Nokia in Denmark. However, it is produced in Finland and Hungary. The WAP-based site opening feature, an extended phonebook, is another aspect of this. For the first time, Nokia had provided the facility to save 100 numbers.
Snake to: Legendary Gaming
Nokia 3310 came with four games including Paris Two, Space Impact, Bantoumi and Snake Two. Among them, Snake 2 was established as an alluring game. The game was re-launched in 2012. Because it was developed for Snake to Smartphone. However, the experience of playing with the keypad has always been more memorable than playing this game on a smartphone.
Wallpaper changeable feature
Today on smartphones we easily change the wallpaper of our mobile. Not only that, we have the facility to make many things on your smartphone as you wish. Some of these features were already made available to the users by Nokia 3310. This phone had the facility to change the wallpaper of the mobile. This feature overtook the 1998 Nokia 5110.
Finnish national emoji
Instead of emojis, we think of emojis such as love, happiness, laughter and smiles available on social media including Facebook. That is what happens. However, Finland has included Nokia 3310 in such emojis made for its country. The emoji presents the Nokia 3310 as an ‘unbreakable’ message. In Finland, if someone has to tell a friend that their relationship is intact and use an emoji to express it, a Nokia 3310 emoji is sent.
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