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[Countries with high internet speeds: See how many categories Nepal falls into]


Internet speeds around the world have plummeted due to the corona virus. According to a global survey conducted by M Lab UK, the average internet speed in the world has declined by 6.31 percent. The worldwide average internet speed, which was 29.36 Mbps before the lockdown, dropped to 27.51 Mbps during the lockdown period. Neighboring China has seen the world’s worst Internet speeds due to lockdowns.

Countries with high internet speeds: See how many categories Nepal falls into
Where the speed of the Internet has dropped by more than half. China’s average Internet speed, which was 12.58 Mbps before the lockdown, fell to 6.17 percent during the lockdown.
Panama, Madagascar, Chile, Peru, the Kyrgyz Republic, C date d’Ivoire, South Korea and Paraguay are among the countries that have experienced a sharp decline in internet speeds due to the downturn, followed by China. Internet speeds decreased by 48.99 percent, 37.71 percent, 36.77 percent, 36.76 percent, 36.48 percent, 30.77 percent, 30.45 percent, 29.91 percent and 29.51 percent, respectively. .
The survey, conducted in 114 countries around the world, tested the speed of 364.34 million 335 times. It has been tested in 169,051,998 unique IPs. In Asian countries, the average Internet speed has dropped by 16.33 percent.
Before the lockdown, the average internet speed was 20.27 Mbps, while during the lockdown, it was 16.96 Mbps. The survey covered 19 countries including Nepal, India and China. Nepal ranks eighth in Asia in terms of declining internet speed. Nepal is followed by China, South Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines.
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