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[Budhanilkantha temple ! Amazing temple]

Budhanilkantha is a famous pilgrimage site located in Kathmandu district of Nepal. It is located in the lap of Shivpuri Dada in the north of Kathmandu Valley. The place around this temple is also called Budhanilkantha.
In ancient times, when churning the sea, when precious gems and nectar were available, the terrible Calcutta poison also came to the fore, causing a commotion between the gods and the demons. Lord Shiva drank the poison to quell the noise.
As the poison was not suitable for swallowing, he stuck it in his throat. Shiva’s throat turned blue due to the effect of poison. That is why he was called Nilakantha. Hindus believe that the word “Budha” is placed in front of the Nilakantha to adorn it in a reverential sense as the word “Budha” is a sign of respect. But this stone idol is believed to belong to Lord Vishnu because the idol appears to be the quadrilateral Lord Narayan.
Of the four arms of God, three have conch shells, chakras and maces, while the fourth hand has a lotus flower, which looks like a lump of ash.
In the remnant pond complex presented by Lord Nilakantha, there are idols of other deities and Shivalingas as well as Sattals, Patis, Yajnasala and Home Kundas. It has been mentioned in Nepal Mahatmya, Himavatkhand that by worshiping the vision of God, wealth is filled with grains and happiness is satisfied from a woman and a son.
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