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[Internet consumption increased by 35 percent during the lockdown]

Internet consumption has increased during the lockdown. Internet providers have said that internet consumption has increased since the government launched a crackdown on the Corona virus epidemic on April 25.
With the advent of lockdown, the Internet has become an easy way for people to spend their time. With the development of technology in recent times, every person has access to the Internet due to the technology of mobile phones. Also, due to the need of people, now every person has internet facility in their home.
increased  internet user
Sudhir Parajuli, chairman of Suvisu, informed that the consumption of internet has increased due to the long shutdown. Before the lockdown, 40 Gbps was consumed but now 55/56 Gbps is being consumed, he said.
On the one hand, while the consumption has increased, the number of new net internet connections in the market has decreased, he said. He says internet consumption has increased by about 20 to 25 percent during this period.
He said that he was not in a position to connect to the new internet during this period but in the meanwhile he started to reach normal condition and he had to shut down again. According to him, during the lockdown, work from home, online classes and various other games have increased the internet consumption.
Similarly, the consumption of WorldLink, one of the largest internet providers in Nepal, has also increased, said Punima Jha, Media Advisor of WorldLink. According to him, the number of internet users has increased during the lockdown. In the meantime, consumption has increased by about 25 percent, he said.
Internet consumption has increased in the post-lockdown period compared to before the lockdown. According to the Nepal Service Providers Association, the lockdown period has increased by 35 percent.
Consumption has increased from 1,152 Gbps before lockdown to 1,553 Gbps during lockdown period. Which is 401 Gbps more than in the past or 35 percent more.
It is most consumed in IPTV, VOD (NetTV). Consumption in Nepal has increased from 254 Gbps before lockdown to 394 Gbps during lockdown. During this period, the consumption of 140 Gbps has increased by 55 percent.
Similarly, the bandwidth consumption on the Internet is also higher on Google and Facebook, according to the association’s data. Before the lockdown, 509 Gbps was consumed, but now it is 591 Gbps. This is an increase of 81 Gbps or 16 percent over the previous year.
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