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[Manang’s apples are now reaching the world market]

Manang’s apples are now reaching the world market. A person’s dream can make a district and a nation prosperous, like the proverb ‘what should not be done’. Manang Agro Pvt. Ltd. has succeeded in becoming such a vivid example. People’s life in Manang becomes difficult after it snows. The snow that lures the common people keeps the Manangs inside the house and forces them to fall into the valley.
At an altitude of 3519 meters, Manang enjoys limited arable land and production. The whites seemed to rise, tourism flourished but Manang failed to ‘catch’ the cold given by nature. When the neighboring district of Mustang grew apples, Manang depended on grains such as barley, potato and fapar.
They say that snakes need reeds and people need reeds. Polden Chopang Gurung, who was politically conscious, wanted to do something in Manang himself. He decided to grow apples in his father’s bag. It was a dare to dream like that about 10 years ago.
A company called Agro Manang Pvt. Ltd. has been set up to improve and expand traditional apple farming. Additional land has been leased from the village municipality along with the old apple orchard in Ngisyang village municipality-1. The family, including Polden Chopang Gurung, who is also a current federal MP, has been forced to grow juicy apples on the leased land for a rent of Rs. 129.1 million for 27 years.
In the year 2070 BS, three varieties of apple saplings including Gala, Golden and Fuji were planted in Gegran of Bhratang without any fertile soil. The plants were brought from Italy and Serbia. “There is no additional land in our place (Bhratang). Apples are being produced in 550 ropanis on a farm of about 735 ropanis,” said Manang Agro Pvt. Ltd. Director Yuvraj Gurung. “So far, Rs 300 million has been invested. Our eight families are involved in this farm. . ”
According to him, the Himali Project had initially given a grant of Rs. 22.4 million for apple cultivation. The Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modern Project has grants for fertilizers, seeds and packaging. He said that the remaining investment was raised from the bank.
Now the apple is green. Apples ripen after about two and a half months. Most of the 68,000 seedlings on the farm have started producing. Some plants have been added this year. “This time it will be 600 tonnes, but the price will be taken according to the quality,” said Yuvaraj, 37, who studied management. “There is no problem in the market.” How much apple is given to the wine industry, how much tea is made, some juice is made. ”
Apples grow everywhere
Yuvaraj, who has a dream of exporting to the world market, is branding the apples produced at an altitude of 2,850 meters under the name of ‘Himalayan Fresh’. He says that his dream will come true on the day when Manang’s apple is seen in the foreign market under the brand ‘Himalayan Fresh’.
This apple farm is the largest in Asia. Yuvaraj says that 26-27 people are working directly in the farm and another 22-24 people will also get work in the season. Along with the operation of the farm, Manang Agro has also started providing technical assistance to the Gandaki government on apple farming. Manang Agro has assisted in the apple farming project started by the Gandaki government in Chunubri of Gorkha along with Manang.
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