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[Here are 6 secrets of women that man should know]

Men are the sky and women are the earth. In fact, there are two coins in one sheet. Just like a sheet cannot be made without another coin. In the same way, if there are no men and women, there will be no human creation. Men and women complement each other even though they are different. Without the existence of one, the other is not possible. That is why women need men and men need women. Most men know about women as much as they see and hear.
In fact, many men do not know the secrets of women. That is why a writer may have termed women as ‘foreign lands’. Sometimes men even get confused by thinking that they have a good knowledge about women. Because there are some things that women don’t know about men. Here are 6 secrets of women that men don’t know, keep in mind.
One woman falls in love with another woman: You are wrong if you think that women are attracted only to men. In fact, even though one woman is considered the enemy of another woman, women also love women very much. Some women even like to see attractive women walking again and again.
Ex-boyfriend monitoring: Girls can’t forget their first boyfriend even after getting married or starting a new love affair. He is watching his ex-girlfriend’s activities. Where does he go Girls think about who they meet or what kind of social media updates they keep.
Love with one’s own body: Every woman loves her own body the most. In particular, the negative comments made by men about the body hurt the girl the most.
Women when they are alone: ​​When they are alone, they do many things that cannot be done when others are alone. But they don’t like to talk about it with others. Girls do things like dancing while wearing a bra or looking in the mirror in different poses when they are alone.
Jealousy: Jealousy is more of a natural quality for any woman. A girl who does not want to be a mother in a hurry after marriage gets jealous when she sees other people’s children. Husbands would feel the same way when they were in pain or suffering due to women’s problems.
Desire to know secrets: Every woman knows that she is hiding something from her male friend or husband. They want to know that
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