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[Ban on sale and distribution of Jagdamba bars after they were found to be of poor quality]

Rabindra Dhungel, 30 august 2020. The government has banned the sale of iron rods produced by Jagdamba Steel under the controversial business house Shankar Group due to poor quality.
The Nepal Department of Quality and Measurement wrote a letter to the company on Friday instructing it not to sell and distribute 16mm TMT bar fee 500 rod, according to today’s Nagarik Daily.
The department has stated that the sale had to be stopped after it was found that Jagdamba had neglected the quality by using more chemicals than the standard while producing the poles. Director General of the Department, Bishwababu Pudasaini, said that the rods were tested in the laboratory after consumers complained about their quality and the sale was stopped as they did not meet the standards.
Director General Pudasaini said that instructions have been given to withdraw the entire batch of the batch from the market. He said that further action would be taken if the department’s directive was disobeyed. As per the instructions of the department, the rods worth crores of rupees sold by Jagdamba in the market will have to be taken back.
The department has also asked the company to submit further clarification within 15 days. ‘Why not take action as per Rule (16) of the Nepal Quality Certification Mark Act and Rules 2040? If there is any reason, submit the proof of your cleanliness to the department within 15 days along with the correct action for improvement, ‘it is mentioned in the explanation letter written by the department.
Based on the complaint, a sample of 16 mm TMT bar fee 500 produced by the industry was tested in the laboratory of the department and found to be of low quality.
Jagdamba steel has high levels of chemicals. When the amount of sulfur and carbon is high, the rod becomes hard. When the ductility (softness or tensile strength) of the rod is low, it breaks when bent.
Some industries in the country, including Jagdamba, have been making rods by collecting and processing scrap metal, which is useless due to rust.
Lately, the operators of Shankar Group have been coming into controversy. Earlier, Sulabh Agrawal of the group was arrested on the charge of selling thermogan worth Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 for Rs 15,000.
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