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[Tribhuvan University has given such instructions about conducting postponed examinations]


Tribhuvan University has instructed the concerned dean’s offices to discuss the option of conducting examinations postponed last April due to the coronavirus infection epidemic. Tribhuvan University Rector (Head of Education) Pvt. Shiva Bhushal said. He said that the students were confused as the examination was postponed for a long time and they were instructed to start preparations for the examination as it would affect the future.


The study committee on the examination process has suggested four options to the dean’s office. The committee will conduct open book exams (fixed time to answer using books, notes, internet), internal oral presentation (50 percent recognition of 40 percent of internal exams and oral examination of the remaining 50 percent), online exams and physical distance. The option of taking the exam is suggested.

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University, Prof. Dr. Kusum Shakya said. “After discussions with the departments, preparations are being made to conduct the examination by deciphering from these four or any other method,” she said.

Dean of the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, P.D. Dilliraj Sharma said that the study and discussion has been started on the method recommended by the committee as well as other alternative methods. He said, “We have formed an internal committee to study the method of conducting the examination. According to the method recommended by the committee, we will prepare the exam ten years in advance or immediately depending on the situation. ” Pvt. Dr. Sharma said that the nature of different faculties of Tribhuvan University is different and the examination method may also be different. He said that studies and discussions are being held according to the faculty and the method can be adopted according to the subject.

Research paper before the exam

Generally, a student can write a dissertation only after the exam. However, the Faculty of Management has now started writing theses for the fourth semester students of the postgraduate level before the examination. The Dean of the Faculty of Management, P.D. Sharma said. He said, “If they complete the thesis in their current free time, their academic session will not be wasted even if there is an examination after ten years.”

It also takes four to five months for a student to prepare a thesis. Research papers are mandatory in management, humanities and other faculties and institutes of study at postgraduate level. In the fourth semester of the postgraduate level of the Faculty of Management, the students had appeared for two subjects and two subjects remained. The Examination Control Division of the Management Department had issued a notice on July 26 stating that the examination would be conducted from August. However, due to the increase in coronavirus infection, the test schedule was not made public.

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