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[Eat these spices to fight against Corona ! Nepalese eat regularly]


Rabindra Dhungel, 28 august, 2020. Ayurvedic treatment methods have shown that the spice used daily in the kitchens of all Nepalese can be used as a medicine to fight the corona virus (Covid-19). Ayurveda treatment method has shown that regular consumption of Sutho, Chili, Pipla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Asuro, Jethi Madhu, Peppermint, basil etc. used daily in the kitchen can increase the ability to fight with Corona ( covid 19).

Executive Director of National Ayurveda Research and Training Center Kirtipur Dr. Ram Adhar Yadav said, “Regular consumption of Sutho, Chili, Pipla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Asuro, Jethi Madhu, Peppermint, Basil, Gurjo etc. which we have been using in the kitchen helps in fighting against corona by increasing the body’s immunity.”


According to Dr. Yadav, the use of herbs can prevent corona. Especially the elderly senior citizens and the chronically ill have a higher risk of corona, so the consumption of gurjo is similar to nectar. Gurjo enhances immunity in senior citizens. “There is a general belief that consuming gurjo lowers blood pressure because it is bitter, but that is wrong,” Dr Yadav added. “It does nothing to increase or decrease high blood pressure and increase diabetes.

According to his study, the ability to fight the disease can be increased by consuming thorns made from the leaves of Asuro to prevent such problems as coronary infections cause difficulty in breathing. “Physical distance should be maintained with patients who are positive for corona, but emotional distance should be close,” said Dr Yadav. Since it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it, he suggests not to eat food kept in the fridge, to make it a habit to eat it as fresh as possible, as it has medicinal properties in more than 70 percent of the spices used in the kitchen.


The use of sanitizers has become widespread since the Corona epidemic. But, home and office where soapy water is available. Dr. Yadav suggests that it is better to get in the habit of washing hands with soap and water than to use sanitizer in such places. Speaking at a program organized by Working Journalist Women (WWJ) in association with the University of Bournemouth, UK, Dr Yadav said that Ayurveda was a scientific method and it would be appropriate to use it.

According to Dr. Yadav, out of 296 patients admitted to Kirtipur Hospital so far, 209 have tested positive. Patients who test positive are given another test a week later. Of them, 184 have returned home after receiving negative reports. WWJ President Amika Rajathala said that the use of Ayurveda has played a big role in controlling corona in China as well.

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