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[The vaccine against Covid-19 will be tested in Nepal]


Rabindra Dhungel, 27 august 2020. The government has started feasibility discussions to conduct clinical trials on various drugs and vaccines made against COVID-19 in different countries. The Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) has launched research on the use of drugs and vaccines produced by Oxford University in Russia, China, India and the United Kingdom against Covid 19.

They have sought to come to Nepal for the third phase (clinical trial) of drugs and vaccines used in their own and other countries. The council will only allow clinical trials for the third phase in Nepal after conducting research on those drugs and vaccines. So far no vaccine has been used in Nepal.

Dr. Pradip Gyawali, Executive Director of the Council, informed that research process has been started on the use of drugs and vaccines made in different countries against Covid 19 in Nepal. “Different countries have expressed interest in testing vaccines and drugs for the third phase in Nepal,” he said. “We will only allow the use after conducting research.”

The council has already given approval to various hospitals in Nepal to adopt the method of treating Kovid 19 infected people with plazotherapy method. At present, various Kovid 19 hospitals are treating critically ill patients through plaza therapy.

The Council has initiated discussions on the use of “Stunik V” vaccine against the Russian-made corona virus in Nepal as well. The executive director of the council, Dr. about the vaccine made by the Russian government. Gyawali has also held discussions with Russian Ambassador to Nepal Alexei A. Novikov. “Discussions with the Russian ambassador about the vaccine have progressed positively,” he said. “We are conducting research to see if the vaccine can be used in Nepal as well.”

Only then will you know whether to use it or not. ” He says a study will be done to find out what harm can be done by using it in cases where it is not recognized by the World Health Organization. So far, no medicine or vaccine has been approved by the organization. Russia’s ambassador to Russia, Novikov, has promised that the Russian government will provide a free vaccine to 1,000 people. Gyawali informed.

The Council will form a scientific study team on the use of drugs and vaccines produced in different countries in Nepal and find out whether they can be used in Nepal or not. The team will find out the facts about the drugs and vaccines and prepare a report on whether it can be used or not and submit it to the council. Dr. Gyawali, executive director of the council, said that medicines and vaccines can be used only on the same basis. According to him, Russian Ambassador Novikov has expressed his commitment to help produce the vaccine in Nepal. Similarly, the use of vaccine produced by Chinese China VAC Company in Nepal has also been discussed.

He informed that there was a discussion about using the vaccine produced in Nepal. The Chinese government has also asked for approval to send 1,000 vaccines to 500 people. Similarly, the Department of Drug Administration has also approved the use of the drug Remedicivir for critically ill patients from India.

As it was brought for clinical trial, the drug is now being used to treat the infected. Dr. Meghnath Dhimal, Senior Research Officer of the Council, informed that research is being done on Remedicivir.

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