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[Conditions of the flight that will not be affected by the prohibition [Regular flights starting from the 16th of this month]


Rabindra Dhungel, 27 august 2020. The government has said that the ban on international regular flights will not be affected by the ban. The ban was imposed in Kathmandu Valley from September 19.

But on Wednesday, with another one-week lockdown, there was confusion over whether to fly. But despite the decision to continue the ban in the Valley, regular flights will be on time. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation had made public the schedule of regular international flights from Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday alone, a meeting of the chief district officers of the three districts in the valley decided to extend the ban for another week. Even after the decision, there was no instruction to change the regular flight schedule, said Raj Kumar Chhetri, Deputy Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

The ministry has made public the schedule of regular and chartered international flights for one month from next Wednesday. Accordingly, there will be 58 regular flights in a month. Of them, 29 flights will be operated by Nepali Airlines.

Joint Secretary of the Ministry Suresh Acharya said that the flight schedule has been prepared keeping in view the priority given to indigenous aircraft. The chartered flight scheduled for Monday will have 27 flights from next Wednesday to one month.

21 flights will be operated by domestic airlines. According to the ministry, regular flights have been made to bring only 500 passengers daily.

These are the conditions of flight
The government has made PCR negative report mandatory for travel on regular flights, which have been open since September 4. The ministry has directed to provide boarding pass only on the basis of PCR negative report 72 hours before the flight.

Passengers with PCR negative report from the same flight will have to stay in home quarantine for 14 days. Passengers should report their health to the local level and the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center.

Passengers arriving on regular flights are required to fill out an online form with a PCR negative report on the Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre’s website at 9CCMC.gov.np and bring a barcode or print copy. In case of missing such form, the airline has to provide it during boarding.

The airline will not be allowed to bring passengers who have not tested PCR on the same flight. If brought in this way, the airline will have to keep the hotel in quarantine for seven days at its own expense.

The airline will be able to bring only Nepali citizens, staff working in diplomatic missions, representatives of international development partners, staff working in UN missions and their families. All passengers must comply with health and safety standards set by the government.

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