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Centre’s appeal to all concerned to implement the new curriculum for class 11&12 [with new curriculum]


Rabindra Dhungel, 25 august 2020. The government has appealed to implement the new curriculum for class 11 and 12 despite the infection of corona virus (Covid-19). The Curriculum Development Center has formally appealed for the implementation of the new curriculum. But institutional schools have been saying they are capable of implementing the new curriculum, while private school umbrella organizations have been adamant not to allow the new curriculum to be implemented.

The Curriculum Development Center has formally appealed to the stakeholders to implement the new curriculum even though Hisan maintained his stance of not allowing the implementation of the new curriculum citing lack of teachers and other reasons. Director General of the Curriculum Development Center, Keshav Dahal, has appealed to the stakeholders to implement the new curriculum for class 11 prepared by the Government of Nepal after a long discussion and debate.

In a democratic system, the government opens various organizations, they have the freedom to have their own ideas, respecting that idea, we are increasing the preparation and modification of the curriculum implementation over time. ‘ We are improving it, so I urge you not to be in any dilemma and implement a new curriculum. ‘

Reacting to Dahal’s remarks, Hisan Chairman Ramesh Kumar Silval warned that the new curriculum should not be implemented under any circumstances. “In the current situation, there is no possibility of implementing a new curriculum in class 11,” he said. However, Chairman Silval stressed that the curriculum should not be implemented right now. Suggesting that it should be implemented only after two years of testing, he said, “Teachers have not been trained, there are not enough teachers, most of the schools have only teachers with bachelor’s degree.

Ritu Sapkota, chairperson of N Pabson, said that the curriculum should be accepted and given a new lease of life. He said that the implementation of the curriculum immediately would complicate the management of teachers in the school, adding that it was not clear what life skills were. Recalling his past, he said, “At first, the subject of Nepal identity was a burden to me, but that subject gave me a chance to learn about Nepal.” Now the three compulsory subjects should not affect the student’s grade. Manpower produced from Nepal should not be disqualified in international universities. ‘

After reaching secondary level up to class 12, long and parallel subject matter of the curriculum should be added to class 10 in class 11-12. However, the new curriculum is not related to class 10, said Pabson chairperson Tika Puri. ‘Curriculum not ready When to print a textbook? When to reach the students? It is not possible to move forward in such a way. ‘Chairman Puri said,’ So far no information has been received in the school.

He opined that if the government fails to implement this year, the stakeholders should be informed within two to three days. Giving his response to the program, he said, “If the academic session is not wasted, the government should prepare the criteria and run the school by September 30. The academic session should be conducted from what it has.”

It is a feature of the curriculum that changes with the political, economic and social changes of every country. Herambaraj Kadel, principal of Vishwaniketan Secondary School, said that the government should not interfere in the implementation of the curriculum as it was prepared by a group of experts. “Our school has 1700 students in 11-12. There are also teachers. We can implement it. ‘He said,’ No one is trying to earn a living by trying to cross the river.

Hikmat Rawal of Nepalgunj, who has been running a private school for a long time, also said that the government changed the curriculum last year. “Schools and colleges are closed due to Corona’s devastation. To implement the course or not? Private schools are ready to implement if implemented by the government. ‘He said,’ The first confusion course is new or old? That is to say, we are ready to implement it if it is removed and implemented. ‘

Educationist Vimal Kumar Phuyal said that no one should be reluctant to implement the course approved by consensus. He is of the view that the students will not be in trouble when the new curriculum is implemented as assessment methods, learning materials and teaching methods.

The new curriculum of class 11 has been prepared by preparing an action plan in 2075 BS. Director General Dahal informed that the curriculum is still changing and modified as per the Samad Sanad.

“We have decided the teaching method and evaluation method in the curriculum itself. The ability of the child has been assessed. ‘Director General Dahal said,’ If schools go for curriculum-centered teaching, the scope of thinking is automatically widened, curriculum-centered teaching should be done, not books. ‘

Out of 85 subjects, only some subjects are yet to be developed. He informed that the center will also make courses for the remaining 22 subjects this year. The center informed that it is preparing to orient the teachers online regarding the new curriculum.

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