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[Best selling brands in the world]


Rabindra Dhungel, 25 August 2020. Kathmandu. Each year, a research company called Kantar World Panel publishes a list of the 50 best-selling brands in the world.

The study was based on how many households buy those brands and in what amounts.┬áThe purpose of the study was to study local tastes, trends and consumer habits. The study covered 44 percent of the world’s population in 44 countries. People in emerging economies are looking forward to using the brand. The following are the most preferred brands in the world from that list.

#. Dove – This health and beauty product is a product of Unilever.

#. Nor-this food and beverage brand is also a product of Unilever.

#. Indomi- This noodle of Indo food is also popular in Asia and Europe.

#. Nescafe – This is Nestle’s coffee brand worldwide.

#. This Pepsi-Pepsi product is more popular in some countries than Coke.

#. Ledge – PepsiCo’s brand reaches 25 million households annually.

#. Maggi- This brand of prepared noodles is more prevalent in India

#. Lifeboy – This brand is owned by Unilever. It is popularly known as infection free bath soap.

#. Colgate – This product belongs to Colgate – Palmoniv Company. This toothpaste is used in 40 million households.

#. Coca-Cola – This Coca-Cola beverage is the most popular and widely used beverage in the world.?

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