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[Very important information to know when buying and selling shares]


Rabindra Dhungel, 23 august 2020. Organizations issue and sell securities to the public to meet their capital needs. It provides an investment opportunity for investors and allows them to participate in the profits from running a business. The method of selling ordinary shares by publishing returns to more than fifty people at a time is called first public issue (IPO).

Before issuing an IPO to the public, the company issues a notice through an information call letter. Similarly, the company makes public the details of its company, including the purpose of IPO issuance, use of funds raised, etc. Investors applying for an IPO should decide to invest only after studying the invitation letter and statement. What else to look for when applying for an IPO?

#The applicant should apply only through the bank and financial institution where he has his account through the C-ASWA system.

#Fill in the Aswa registration form. Should be taken.CRL no.

#The details in the bank account of the applicant and the details filled in the form should be found while taking.

#After receiving the application for the purchase of securities in the relevant banks and financial institutions in the prescribed format for the purchase of shares. Beneficiary ID no.

# And other details must be verified with the applicant’s beneficiary account and other details contained in the C-ASWA software.

A, Name of the securities issuing company.

B, Name, surname, address, citizenship no., Signature, contact phone no., Email of the applicant.

C. Name, surname and relationship of the guardian in case of minor and deranged person.

D. The number of securities to be purchased is 9 digits and 0 in letters.

E, Amount for securities to be purchased in 9 digits and 0 in letters.

F. Name, address, account no. Of the bank / financial institution where the applicant has an account. And type of account.

Is Beneficiary 9 demat account number of the applicant.

#When the applicant applies, the account withholding funds in the CISWA member banks / financial institutions should not be blocked or inactive in any other way.

#The amount equal to the amount applied for should be in the account.

#No application can be submitted. If more than one application is received in the name of one person, the entire application is canceled.

#In case of application for purchase of securities or after the application, the amount of securities purchased is not paid and if the order to withhold the investor’s account is obtained from authorized officer or body.

#The manager handles such application form as per the order.

#If any order or instruction is received from the authorized body to block the account of the investor before issuing the securities, the concerned bank or financial institution should stop the account of the investor as per such order or instruction and immediately inform the issuer and sales manager.

#Applicants can also apply through the “My Share” software provided by End Clearing Limited.

#For that, the applicant should have mentioned the bank account details in his / her beneficiary account and the receipt from the concerned bank and financial institution.

#After the shares are distributed and listed, the shares distributed to the applicants are credited to their beneficiary accounts.

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