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The distortions in our songs and music. Who will regulate?


Rabindra Dhungel, 20 august 2020. We have already noticed that Janapurni, which was celebrated only a short time ago, has changed its form. There was a big controversy on social media as to whether the festival was for Bhaiti or Janapurni. In general, rap songs carry their own originality and importance, but it is not an exaggeration to say that it is possible to import imported music.


Nowadays, songs like this are embarrassing our cultural condition. At this time, the great Chad Tij of Nepali women is going on, based on which various Tij songs have come out in the market, among which the song of ‘Abko Tij No Brat Please’ is still on ‘Private’ on YouTube. In such a situation, the concerned parties have succeeded in making such songs private on YouTube, but they have not been able to formulate a clear policy to curb such creations, which has left the events and characters behind as a problem. There is a tendency for the characters to return but the problem remains the same. Who can stop such evil tendencies? Who will regulate?


As the number of YouTube users increases in Nepal, the government should keep a close watch on these and similar content, but on the contrary, the government has not yet been able to determine a clear regulatory body to regulate songs and music. The video, which shows the burning of Nepal’s national flag in the song, is unbearable for every Nepali, chanting ‘Dhakatopi like a shield, Hindu flag like a bra, imported Vikram Samvat, Daura Suruwal of Rajasthan’.


As the Nepali Dhakatopi is becoming known in the world and the national flag of Nepal is becoming a model in the world, this kind of song has attacked the flags, hats, costumes and culture and hurt the hearts of all Nepalis. The song has been viewed millions of times on YouTube in just a few hours. But ironically! Stakeholders did not appear to be in a hurry to find the alleged perpetrators and initiate legal action. Despite widespread protests from the general public, the police administration is still searching for the song’s creator, but it has not yet been removed from YouTube.


The National Folk and Repetitive Song Foundation of Nepal has been made unable to speak in genres other than folk songs and repetitive songs, which has made it difficult to prevent such a distance. At the same time, the problem seems to be getting more complicated as the censor board could not be given an official form. It is hoped that some government body will think deeply about such issues and make it a body authorized to regulate it.


This type of song should not be limited to the trend of removing it from YouTube after widespread protests on social media. For this, whether it is life imprisonment with large fines or any other appropriate punishment, no one should dare to create such animosity. Jai Geet-Sangeet!

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