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Such preparation of NEB about class 11 and 12. [ Like in SEE, the possibility of getting results increased]


Rabindra Dhungel, 20 august 2020. Students have turned their attention to enrollment in class 11 after the National Examination Board (NEB) published the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) amid a growing contagion of the corona virus. However, officials said that the decision on admission would be taken only after September 30.


Gehnath Gautam, director of the Center for Education and Human Resource Development, said that the government had made the results public during the transition with the objective of preventing students from wasting their academic sessions. He said, “Admission will be decided only after September 30.”


As last year’s academic session of class 11 will start only from July 15, government officials have claimed that this time there was no significant loss in terms of time. With this, there is still a faint hope that about five lakh students will complete their academic session on time. It has been argued that even if the results are published a little later than before, if the academic activities are regular now, the student’s academic session will not be wasted.


Gautam said that there would be no educational problem in the case of class 11 students. He said that even if the class starts two or three months late now due to the risk of the virus, the students studying in class 11 will not have any problem. He said that discussions are being held for the students studying up to class 10 to make good use of the academic session and there will be no problem for the students studying up to class 11.


Students enrolling in Class 11 this time will have to study a new curriculum that is supposed to be implemented in the new class from this academic session. The government has already decided to implement a new curriculum from the new academic session.

The government is going to make the decision of enrolling and archiving the students studying in class 11 after September 30. Director Gautam informed that the government will take a decision only after all the processes including recruitment have been stopped till August 30 due to the corona virus. He said that there was no need to worry for a few months even though it was not possible to ascertain when the enrollment of students would start due to the increasing number of infections. The government has made it clear that the school cannot be opened even for conducting online classes in the absence of immediate enrollment.


The National Examination Board has started preparations to send the student’s certificate to the school for the next two to three weeks. After this, the formal way will be opened for the admission of students. Ram Raj Khakurel, Controller of Examinations of the Board, said that it would be time for the students to study as the school itself would conduct the examination in June.


In class 12 after the result of 11
From now on, students studying in class 11 will have to pass class 11 before going to class 12. Controller of Examinations Khakurel informed that a new provision has been made so that students can be taken to class 12 only after passing the results of class 11 examination. The government has already decided to give the result by giving marks in the internal assessment like class 11 Kopani SEE. It is being prepared. Admission process in class 12 will be started only after the result of class 11.



The class 11 examination conducted by the National Examination Board will now be conducted by the school itself. Arrangement has been made for the school to issue the certificate by conducting the examination. It has been decided to give certificates to the students who are preparing for the board exams this year on the basis of internal assessment. The board has issued working procedure for conducting, managing, evaluating and publishing the results of class 11 examination. The National Curriculum and Evaluation Council had decided to give the responsibility of conducting the examination and certification to the school on July 3. Earlier, the board used to issue certificates by conducting written examination of class 11 and experimental examination by the school.


Meanwhile, the National Examination Board has made it clear that the Class 12 examination will be held ten years ahead. The board has decided to take the class 12 examination next September. The board has also passed the procedure for the class 11 examination to be taken by the school concerned. Chairman of the board Prada Chandramani Poudel has informed that the school has decided to take the class 11 examination now and the procedure has been passed for that.


He also informed that he has passed the class 11 examination and marking procedure. The board is preparing to conduct class 12 examination in September. According to him, when the school takes the class 11 exam, it should be taken as it was taken by the board and the school will also have to do the verification and evaluation. According to the procedure passed by the board, the examination, certification and evaluation of class 11 will be done by the school itself, the way class 12 has been graded.

Grading accordingly, question papers will have to be issued according to the syllabus. According to the procedure, students who have not got D Plus grading in class 11 will not be allowed to be admitted in class 12. According to the board, schools will be able to take exams at their convenience.

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